Go from Zero to Hero with the Net Zero Carbon Masterclass online CPD

4 Jul, 2021, 7:42 AM |  News ArchitectCPDDesign

Following the enormous success of our initial online, on-demand CPD course, CPD101: Materials Carbon Footprint and Low Carbon Design, we’ve experienced huge demand for a follow up.

Well we’re excited to announce it is here and you are invited to register for CPD102: Net Zero Carbon Masterclass. REGISTER HERE NOW.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate design choices to achieve lower embodied carbon outcomes
  • Gain knowledge to apply the best carbon reduction strategy for a given project scenario (scale and stage)
  • Increase research skills to efficiently locate suitable carbon information resources for project applications.


3.2 – critical evaluation in formulating design options.
3.7 – assessment and integration of construction systems and materials consistent with project brief.
4.1 – evaluation of design options in relation to project requirements.
5.5 – integration of materials and components based on an understanding of their physical properties.
6.5 – nomination of performance standards with regard to selected materials, finishes and systems.