World-class BIM LCA modelling

Calculating and analysing embodied carbon impact is simple with real-time 3D visualisation. Use our BIM LCA modelling to benchmark all building elements in all project types—and your entire building or masterplan—against industry standards.

With over 300,000,000 sqm of buildings assessed, we understand that the biggest carbon mitigation is made at the very early stage of design. Our real-time 3D carbon calculation and benchmarking tools empower designers, architects, engineers, project managers, builders and other building professionals to analyse, improve an achieve their carbon-positive/carbon-neutral design goals today.

3D integration is at your fingertips.
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BIM integration made easy

Rhino / Grasshopper API

Dynamic embodied carbon assessment is here — our GreenBook API is embedded with a connection to Rhino 3D, enabling a Rhino Model to be linked in real time with GreenBook materials, assemblies and benchmarks. Improving project performance has never been easier, with the ability to import and sync project components, understand key impact areas and test carbon mitigation strategies from the early stages throughout the design process.

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City-building prototyping

Giraffe Life cycle carbon tool

Early-stage embodied carbon assessment and benchmarking helps unlock the potential of each of your project sites. With our partner Giraffe Build, projects are analysed using BIM LCA modelling and can be scaled to make a lasting impact on the communities you design.

Common Questions

Currently BIM integration is possible using Rhino 6 3D software (using the Grasshopper & HUMAN plugin). We are in the process of making BIM integration possible with other software too.

You need the Footprint company’s API subscription to use BIM integration.

Currently, we have one way dynamic integration of the 3D model with the GreenBook™ API. We are in the process of updated and improving our BIM integration.

We provide demo videos and a user guide for API integration. Training for API / BIM integration varies depending on subscription package.

Contact us to discuss your requirement and pricing options.

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