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At dsquared, the Green Book is a valuable tool to provide our clients at the early stages of a project with insight in the carbon footprint of various materials and assist with their selections to help minimise the environmental impact of the project. Thanks Caroline and TFC team, for your ongoing support on this journey.”

– René Schlosser, dsquared consulting

“Finally, there’s a reliable tool that gives people access to embodied carbon data without marketing spin and greenwashing.”

– John Dalla Via, Egger Group

About the Greenbook

The GreenBook™ is a self-contained information resource for embodied carbon of construction materials and assemblies. It also contains benchmarks of embodied carbon performance “Good to poor” for most building types in Australia and some global data points. We think of it as google translate for materials carbon. We have a wide variety of individual materials product declarations, generic information on materials and assemblies (standard assemblies) and also the most important converting that data from a declaration (e.g. 1kg brick – into 1m2 of finished brick wall on site). It also allows the ability to compare the embodied carbon of that wall to many other wall types to work out which is the lowest. It facilitates professionals in the built environment industry to test out materials and assemblies during all design stages and thus reducing the upfront carbon for their projects and thus increasing awareness of evaluating embodied carbon.

Because this option is “plug & play” and ready to use immediately,  plus requires minimal training to get started, you’ll get accurate carbon insights for your material selections fast. You can save up on LCA consultancy fees and up-skill your team by bringing the LCA process in-house with a subscription to suit your business. The features of the Greenbook are stated below.

GreenBook Features

Features of embodied carbon database

Subscriptions are tailored to match your business size and needs


Browser access for those with a student email address and student ID.

24/7 access

User video guide

Sole Trader

Single user

24/7 access

Request 1 EPDs to be uploaded per annum

Building/element Benchmarks (optional extra)

Small Business

1-10 users per practice

24/7 access

Request 3 EPDs to be updated per annum

Building/elements Benchmarks (optional extra)

Large Business & Solutions

For large businesses and those seeking integration to BIM tools or tailored solutions.

Common questions

All GreenBook and Footprint Co. licenses are floating and managed automatically. Similar to Netflix, you can invite the entire team but only logged in users count towards your user cap per license.

We can upgrade your existing license if your needs change. Contact us for more information.

In most cases, just one – our licenses are sold per organisation, and vary by the number of users per license. We offer licenses for sole practitioners (1 user) up to entire enterprises (over 1000 users).

The GreenBook is completely web-based, and no additional installation is required. Access our extensive embodied carbon database from wherever you are.

We support universities seeking to use The GreenBook  as a teaching tool or as a data source.  Please contact us describing your needs and we will package a solution to suit.

Yes, please contact us for more information.

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