Enabling Low Carbon Design Leadership Globally


Over 50% of annual global carbon emissions are driven by property and development.

Reducing the whole of life carbon intensity of buildings by 40% puts us on the path to achieving the Paris Agreement Goals.

Our purpose is to enable the property sector to deliver low carbon design excellence, through the use of our simple on-line whole-of-life assessment tools, Apps and resources.



Embodied energy and carbon footprint database

The Greenbook is Australia’s number one source of embodied carbon rates for materials and construction assemblies.

Cloud based and continuously updated, The Greenbook is your desktop go to companion in helping you make the best design decisions for today's challenging design environment.

Whole building LCA

The Footprint Calculators are a powerful cloud-based whole building LCA and modelling platform that covers all property types and development stages.

Take control of your sustainable design process with super-fast estimating and modelling and the ability to see the drivers with our benchmark reporting.

Copy of Alesandra

Retail Energy Assessment Program is the world's 1st energy carbon rating system on a 6-Star scale. Helping retailers and landlords understand how their tenancy operations impact the environment.

We have over 25 store types to choose from so you can rest assured knowing we have your store covered.


Leading the Leaders


Insights and Case Studies

The World’s First Zero-Waste Flight To Take Off In Australia

Finally, the world’s first zero waste flight. QF739 to Adelaide this morning. Congratulations to the team at Qantas for what must have been an incredible journey of challenge and supply chain re-engineering. My hope is that it saves money, time for the winner to be the planet. Next stop….retail stores.

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Don’t “think” – “know” ….. the truth about product EPD labels

How can a building product with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) triple the embodied carbon footprint of a design assembly? Seems wrong doesn’t it – read on to find out how.

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Reimagined – Recycled & Reusable

Reimagined – Recycled & Reusable – The new poster child of low carbon construction innovation. The construction industry is regularly criticised for its obstructive old school collective amnesia. “Don’t fix…

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Zero Carbon Buildings

By 2030, over 135 billion m2 of new building is needed just to accommodate growth in global population. This could account for over 350 gigatonnes of embodied carbon emissions.

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Smoking the Planet

Smoking the Planet – the inconvenient back story of responsible retail. The average operating energy related carbon emissions intensity of retail tenancies is up to 8 times higher than the…

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Embodied Carbon in Materials

The Paris Agreement goals require annual global emissions growth rate to be reduced by 10-70%. The production of materials for buildings and infrastructure is responsible for almost 55% of total annual global carbon emissions.

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Sustainability in food retailing

2018 is the year of Sustainability in food retailing. Concern for food miles, packaging waste, organic grown and ethical are the buzzwords which consumers are seeking from their food experiences – and they are willing to pay for it.

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What we do in our everyday routine, or how we choose to live our lives, has a direct impact on our planet.

Our partners at the 'Global Footprint Network' have created an excellent tool to show you how your daily decisions directly impact the welfare of our planet. Click on the image below to go to the calculator to learn about your impact...