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We know that the building and construction industry is a key contributor to global ecological stress. And believe we must lead mitigation action from within the sector. More carbon-efficient projects and processes in design, architecture, engineering and construction are good for the planet — and for us all.

The Footprint Company was founded in 2012. But the story really starts in mid-1990s Thailand, where our Founder Dr. Caroline Noller was working as a Quantity Surveyor. Awed by the scale and majesty of the sacred banyan trees, she was disturbed by development that sought to destroy these local species and replace them with imported materials. Instead, she envisioned a world where her industry colleagues could cost plan, value engineer and design for more optimal solutions. Where outcomes for budgets, the environment and community could be aligned. And where data and research could be harnessed to create great design solutions within the perimeters of planet and pocket.

Through easy-to-use tools and world-leading building benchmark data, The Footprint Company helps climate-active businesses deliver Net Zero Carbon projects. Informed by cutting-edge insights, we continue to refine our tools to make these goals easier and more achievable for all.

Dr Caroline Noller

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Caroline Noller
(CEO & Co-Founder)
BCE UTS; MCE UTS; Dip Ed. Massey; PhD UNSW

Dr. Caroline Noller is recognised internationally for her contribution to the development of whole-of-life-cycle carbon assessment and green building standards. She founded The Footprint Company to make low-carbon design more accessible via cloud-based software systems created during her doctoral studies.

Fusing research in construction economics, design and carbon life cycle analysis, Caroline has driven world-class sustainability outcomes and has been a critical voice in this space for more than 25 years.

Her achievments include:
• Current chair of MECLA and chair of task group 2 benchmarking.
• Spearheading development of early multi-stakeholder industry sustainability initiatives such as LEED and PCA Voluntary ESG Reporting Standards
• A founding member of the Investor Group on Climate Change
• Helped develop GreenStar V1 and NABERS for Office Rules
• Former board member of EPD Australasia
• Working with leading real estate companies and developers such as Lend Lease, GPT Group, Frasers and CapitaLand
• Under her guidance, both GPT Group and CapitaLand achieved inclusion on the Dow Jones Sustainability™ World Index*
• Awarded the Victorian Premier’s Award for Sustainability in 2009 in recognition of her continuing contributions

*Collates top 10% of the largest 2,500 companies in S&P Global BMI based on long-term economic, environmental and social criteria

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