embodied carbon consulting
Strategic Consulting

The Footprint Company’s team provides consulting relating to your project requirements, team requirements, training and ultimately helps you inch to Net Zero Carbon.

embodied carbon consulting
Go Carbon Neutral

The Footprint Company provides a carbon declaration certificate which is in accordance to ISO 14067 for all projects that comply to set carbon benchmarks.

embodied carbon consulting

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Go Carbon Neutral - Building & Materials

Reach over 40,000 architects when they are making material decisions

All product listings include the following
  • Inclusion in The Footprint Company’s materials database
  • Distribution within or product platforms, The GreenBook, the Footprint Calculator as well as direct into the BIM software of our clients who integrate via API
  • The ability to reach over 40,000 architects and designers within the platforms they use to research carbon data for building materials
We also offer an additional “curation” service that enhances your listing to maximise impact
  • Add your listing to multiple categories aligned to how designers search for materials of that type

No other marketing channel allows you such a targeted opportunity to put your product directly into the list of materials that Architects and Designers reference to build their shortlists of products that they will be recommend in their design choices.

Common Questions

Each listing will be visible in our product platforms for 12 calendar months and listings may be renewed annually.

You are able to list multiple products within a category and if that is what you want to do, we can arrange a package solution.  Because designers and architects are considering many factors in their choices, having a range can increase the likelihood one of  your products is selected for their final designs.

Curation is a great way to maximise the visibility of your products.  Rather than simply listing in a generic category, we help identify the most likely categories that designer may select and hope to find a product like yours.  In some cases, where demand for your products is high,  we may even  create a unique category just for your listings.

The GreenBook is completely web-based, and no additional installation is required. Access our extensive database from wherever you are.

We support universities seeking to use The GreenBook  as a teaching tool or as a data source.  Please contact us describing your needs and we will package a solution to suit.

Yes, please contact us for more information.