The GreenBook updated with great new features

4 Jul, 2021, 7:05 AM |  News New featuresThe GreenBook


The GreenBook is already Australia’s no. 1 source of design ready, embodied carbon data yet it’s about to get even better.

Launching in July we will add the following great functionality to the platform and if you’d like to know how The GreenBook can help you and your business on the road to Net Zero, contact us on



Now you can save a product and add it into custom lists to review and work with efficiently, when you want to. There is also the ability to compare products making it easier again to make your selections

  1. Compare
    1. Fast and easy material comparison
    2. Compare the description, region and embodied carbon at a glance
    3. Curate your comparison and simply remove the materials that don’t suit your needs
    4. Found the perfect match? Add a material to your favourites directly from the comparison
  1. Create Custom Lists
    1. Save your favourite materials
    2. Create custom lists to keep your favourites organised
    3. Name lists however you like
    4. Remove favourites or lists when you don’t need them anymore
    5. See your lists anytime, anywhere with favourites available on device


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