The GreenBook is Australia’s no. 1 source of design ready, embodied carbon data.  Net zero embodied carbon starts here. Choose a subscription to suit your business below.

  • Reduce research time and costs while achieving your embodied carbon targets
  • Minimal set-up or training needed – get accurate carbon insights into your material selections, fast.
  • 2500+ rates for materials and complex assemblies updated twice a year, saving you hours of research
  • Globally relevant datasets
  • Ground-breaking ‘Star’ rating system for whole buildings, based on industry benchmarks.
  • Visual design guides and performance benchmarks, making it easier to envision your options
  • Save on LCA consultancy fees and upskill your staff, by bringing the LCA process in-house
  • GreenBook is compliant with and aligned to the following Standards: ISO 14044 / 14067 / 14025 / EN15804 and BS 15987.
  • Underlying data sources: Global EPD’s; International LCI (life cycle inventories) as well as TFC’s own proprietary generic assemblies.
  • Rates structure aligned to both RiCS and AiQS measurement and allocation formats.
  • Life Cycle stages A1 – A4, B & C

The Greenbook Subscriptions

Individual Small Firm Large Firm Enterprise TGB API Access
Size of practice <10 >11 >1000
Subscription Cost ($A ex GST)
Subscription Basis per month per month per month per seat per month
Product Features
Secure IP restricted access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standards Alignment ISO 14044 / 14067 / 14025 / 21930 and EN 15978 and RiCS LCA Professional Standard
Datasets and Inventories Various published standards aligned from global sources. TFC proprietary complex assembly inventory and datasets. Globally valid and suitable published product declarations.
Data Coverage
 – whole building benchmarks Office / Retail / Residential / Hotel / Precincts / carpark / Schools
 – base building elements RICS LCA and  Aust Standard Method of Measurement 6
 – Fitout element Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 – Furniture and Equipment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 – Operational consumption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 – Individual materials Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 – complex assemblies Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 – On-demand training session Yes Yes Yes Yes
 – User Guide Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 – Formal CPD training Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost
 – phone / email support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 – custom rates Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost
 – Enhanced Support / Peer Review Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost Yes – extra cost

Common questions

In most cases, just one – our licenses are sold per organisation, and vary by the number of users per license. We offer licenses for sole practitioners (1 user) up to entire enterprises (over 1000 users).

All GreenBook and Footprint Co. licenses are floating and managed automatically. Similar to Netflix, you can invite the entire team but only logged in users count towards your user cap per license.

We can upgrade your existing license if your needs change. Contact us for more information.

The GreenBook is completely web-based, and no additional installation is required. Access our extensive database from wherever you are.

Contact us for a quote on special pricing for universities, students, and more.

Yes, please contact us for more information.


Investa Property Group

Investa Property Group is one of the leaders in the environmental management of buildings and for actively addressing climate change. They are the first property group in Australia to commit to net zero carbon by 2040.

The Footprint Company was engaged to complete a whole of portfolio whole of life cycle carbon footprint assessment. TFC’s online building and precinct life cycle carbon calculators were used to achieve the whole portfolio assessment, and then model mitigation scenarios within the context of forecast tenancy churn, development and operational capex. TFC’s building life cycle software was used to quantify the footprint of a proposed new development and develop pathways to mitigate impact. These outcomes were converted into a carbon development performance brief.

TFC was instrumental in helping Investa determine their next stage on their sustainability journey, to lead the way in sustainable office real estate. Both our expertise and Footprint Calculators were used to help achieve over 3 million kg of carbon reductions, and Investa are on target to achieve their net zero goal.

Image: Low Carbon Fitout at 1 Market Street, Sydney, Australia.

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