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Over 300M Sq Metres across 17 countries

in Footprint Building Database.

72,000,000 T CO2 saved - equivalent to 1 year of

CO2 emissions  from all Australian households


The property and development industry drives over 50% of annual global carbon emissions.

Our purpose is to support you to achieve your whole-of-life (embodied and operational) carbon management targets for your building projects - whether you create new structures or innovate the adaptive reuse of existing ones, from fit-out to precinct level.

Achieve your carbon footprint targets by :

  • using our extensive carbon rates inventory to make the most informed carbon footprint design decisions, early on in your planning stage
  • using our time-saving, interactive software to calculate the impact of your design choices on carbon footprint
  • leveraging our TFC Connect API service to integrate our inventory data with your design modelling programs
  • consulting with us to have expert guidance on your project's carbon-management targets 
  • attending our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars

Join the industry's leading architects, designers, property managers and sustainability consultants.

The Latest: The Greenbook 2020

The GreenBook's 2020 edition is here!

Embodied energy and carbon footprint database

Your go-to guide for embodied carbon rates for construction materials and assemblies.

Including rates from base materials, structure, envelope to finishes and FFE.

TFC Calculator TM

A powerful estimating and modelling tool for Life Cycle Assessments.

Quickly calculate operational carbon rates for all property types and at all development stages, with insightful benchmark reporting.


Accountability in the carbon space makes you more competitive.

Consult with us for expertise from industry leaders to successfully meet your project's carbon-management requirements.

Working with the Leaders

Insights and Case Studies

Don’t “think”, “know” the truth about product EPD labels

How can a building product with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) triple the embodied carbon footprint of a design assembly? Seems wrong doesn’t it – read on to find out how.

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Re-imagined: Recycled & Reusable

Reimagined – Recycled & Reusable – The new poster child of low carbon construction innovation. The construction industry is regularly criticised for its obstructive old school collective amnesia. “Don’t fix…

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Zero Carbon Buildings

By 2030, over 135 billion m2 of new building is needed just to accommodate growth in global population. This could account for over 350 gigatonnes of embodied carbon emissions.

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Smoking the Planet

Smoking the Planet – the inconvenient back story of responsible retail. The average operating energy related carbon emissions intensity of retail tenancies is up to 8 times higher than the…

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Embodied Carbon in Materials

The Paris Agreement goals require annual global emissions growth rate to be reduced by 10-70%. The production of materials for buildings and infrastructure is responsible for almost 55% of total annual global carbon emissions.

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Sustainability in food retailing

2018 is the year of Sustainability in food retailing. Concern for food miles, packaging waste, organic grown and ethical are the buzzwords which consumers are seeking from their food experiences – and they are willing to pay for it.

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What we do in our everyday routine, or how we choose to live our lives, has a direct impact on our planet.

Our partners at the 'Global Footprint Network' have created an excellent tool to show you how your daily decisions directly impact the welfare of our planet. Click on the image below to go to the calculator to learn about your impact...