PRESS: City of Sydney’s 100% renewable commitment a welcome step

Australia's Harbour City Sydney commits to using 100% renewable energy.
Leading the way: City of Sydney commits to using 100% renewable energy.

Australia’s foremost expert on reducing embedded CO2 in building construction, Dr Caroline Noller, has welcomed yesterday’s announcement that the City of Sydney is committed to 100% renewable energy by next year.

“Sydney is setting an outstanding example by ensuring that all City owned properties will be powered by renewable energy by July 2020”, Dr Noller said.

“Energy is one of the major expenses for buildings, and our work has shown that reducing the carbon footprint of materials used in construction can play a major part in reducing energy costs”.

“The City of Sydney, along with other authorities
around the world, are not only recognising the impact of climate change on the
development of cities, but the role they can play in reaching the Paris
Agreement Goals”.

“The next major challenge is to reduce CO2 in the
materials used in our buildings”.

“A recent report by the World Green Building Council has correctly estimated that by 2040 new building will be responsible for half of all global carbon emissions – making it crucial to achieve the called for 40% reduction in embodied carbon intensity. Dr Noller said.

““In Australia, we estimate that reducing the materials carbon intensity of
buildings by just 25% is an immediate no cost option for us, which puts us on
the path to achieving our Paris Agreement Goals and climate responsible

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