Fast track your embodied carbon innovation
and achieve higher star ratings.

If you are spending the time and effort required to specify the best materials possible for your stars ratings, you want to know, not think, your decisions are the best in class.

The Greenbook is the number one resource to fact check material’s claims against real world data; ensuring that when you make a material selection, you know with certainty, it really is the best decision.

Through the use of an exclusive quick reference visual layout, The Greenbook has been designed specifically to help architects and designers fast track calculations for a project’s embodied carbon for star ratings, helping you meet the changing demands and requirements of today's design projects, in the simplest way possible.

Key Features

■ Rapidly Increase your knowledge of low carbon design.
■ Radically reduce your research time.
■ Online for 24/7 global access.
■ Customised materials search options.

Your practice & star ratings


By using the Greenbook, your practice can take charge of the LCA process, allowing you to fully manage the design process and workflow.

With no need to engage LCA consultants to undertake and complete LCS assessments, you not only increase your office's service offerings but also increase your brand to your clients. With minimal setup costs and training, you can recoup your project research costs associated with star ratings within one day.

Key Benefits

1: ASMM6 and NPWC format for budget alignment.
2: ISO compliant with leading LCI data sources.
3: Online accessible 24/7 globally - Fully searchable.
4: Over 1100 rates - updated twice a year.
5: Visual design guides and performance benchmarks.
6: Customised specific search requests available.
7: Branded and EPD/ECO-labellled products.
8: No set-up costs or training needed.

Cost effective licensing


The Greenbook is offered as a monthly or yearly subscription, for both individuals and companies; giving you a clear path to keeping up with the latest embodied energy and carbon footprint database.



  • $550 p.a (ex gst)
  • Includes annual updates
  • Custom searches & rates from $165
  • Single user



  • $1650 p.a.  (ex gst)
  • Includes annual updates
  • Custom searches & rates from $165
  • Up to 20 users



  • $3900 + gst p.a
  • Includes annual updates
  • Custom searches & rates from $165
  • Campus wide access via IP



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