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CPD for Architects


The Footprint Company is proud to be a registered Refuel Provider, offering Architects 1 formal CPD Point for our sustainability presentation.

The workshop will cover the topic of “Materials Carbon Footprint & Low Carbon Design” and is designed to educate participants to:

  • Make proactive design choices to achieve lower embodied carbon outcomes
  • Understanding how to apply the best carbon reduction strategy for a given project scenario (scale and stage)
  • Efficiently locate appropriate data resources for project requirement

Special Offer


As there is a lot of interest in our Low Carbon Design CPD session we are offering the following bundle -

  1. 1-2 Hour CPD based Education Session which is tailored to the firm’s needs.
  2. A year’s subscription to The GreenBook – Australia’s leading source of embodied carbon information for construction materials and design.
  3. CPD certificate registration and follow-up. 

The cost for the above is $1,500 excluding GST.  This assumes that the session is run on the firm's premises.

(Travel costs are additional if the session is outside the Sydney area)

Learning Elements and Outcomes

ISO Standards Framework and Rules 

Information Sources, Quality and Completeness

Whole building carbon impact by typology & element

Low Carbon design application & hierarchy

Cementing your outcomes – Interactive quiz, critique & questions

Understand the structure, role and importance of prevailing International Standards to the quality and reliability of Embodied Carbon information as it pertains to buildings and construction materials.

Good appreciation of the variety of sources of embodied carbon data and how to access internationally published Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) – and their geographic limits and applications.

Understand global progress and its implications for designer's competitiveness.

Understand the scale of embodied carbon in absolute and relative terms for a variety of building typologies (e.g. office, shopping centre, accommodation, institutional).

Good appreciation of the drivers of the carbon footprint by building element (e.g. structure, envelope, services, walls, finishes etc.) and which decisions are critical at which stage of design.

Understand how to apply the four low carbon design principles in a structured manner to any project to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Assess through real life case studies how low carbon design principles, when applied at the various project stages can achieve significant outcomes.


Define a brief or specification with low embodied carbon performance metrics and appropriate demonstration / validation methods.

Recognize a variety of low carbon design solutions possible for any given scope.

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