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With over 25 years working in the construction and carbon fields, we are all about embodied carbon analysis.

Stay up-to-date with the latest in embodied carbon/carbon footprint research in the construction & property space around the world.

Don’t “think”, “know” the truth about product EPD labels

How can a building product with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) triple the embodied carbon footprint of a design assembly? Seems wrong doesn’t it – read on to find out how.

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Re-imagined: Recycled & Reusable

Reimagined – Recycled & Reusable – The new poster child of low carbon construction innovation. The construction industry is regularly criticised for its obstructive old school collective amnesia. “Don’t fix…

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Zero Carbon Buildings

By 2030, over 135 billion m2 of new building is needed just to accommodate growth in global population. This could account for over 350 gigatonnes of embodied carbon emissions.

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Smoking the Planet

Smoking the Planet – the inconvenient back story of responsible retail. The average operating energy related carbon emissions intensity of retail tenancies is up to 8 times higher than the…

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Embodied Carbon in Materials

The Paris Agreement goals require annual global emissions growth rate to be reduced by 10-70%. The production of materials for buildings and infrastructure is responsible for almost 55% of total annual global carbon emissions.

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Sustainability in food retailing

2018 is the year of Sustainability in food retailing. Concern for food miles, packaging waste, organic grown and ethical are the buzzwords which consumers are seeking from their food experiences – and they are willing to pay for it.

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